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Webinar: Search vs. Creativity

Content cannot be viral if it’s not visible!

During the Mad Men days, creativity reigned supreme.  Design something visually and/or contextually appealing then splash it across print, radio and TV channels.  With a decent budget, advertisers could get their message out there pretty easily. 

Nowadays, we consume almost 11 hours of media every single day.  And there’s plenty out there to consume.  Just look at YouTube where users upload 400 minutes of new video content every minute, of every day.  Don Draper may not have had to contend with that type of clutter, but today’s Brand Managers and Creative Directors certainly do. 

So the question becomes “What’s more important – creativity or search relevance?” Tune in to our webinar, to find out the answer. 

This free webinar will be hosted by Mark Burr, SVP of LEWIS Piston, featuring speakers Dave McClain, Executive Creative Director and Chris VonHolle, Sr. SEO Strategist. This session will provide insights on the symbiotic relationship of both search and the creative as part of your marketing.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Breaking down the creative and SEO processes 

  • The challenges to both creative and search in modern times 

  • How to develop and optimize insight-driven creative content

  • How to ensure that optimizations don’t negatively impact the quality of your creative 


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Mark Burr, SVP LEWIS Piston

Mark Burr

Dave McClain, VP Executive Creative Director LEWIS Piston

Dave McClain
Executive Creative Director, LEWIS Piston

Chris VonHolle, Sr SEO Strategist LEWIS Piston
Chris VonHolle
Sr. SEO Strategist, LEWIS Piston